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What have you done for yourself lately?


You have heard it time and again from some of the great successes that one of the best investments you can make is the investment in yourself.  This investment can come in many forms, at many different times throughout your life and at many different costs.  Learning to tune into your innate needs and listen to what will best serve you at any specific time in your life will direct you in choosing the best route towards an effective investment.  Between the trainings, seminars, workshops, certifications and more an everyday investment you can make in yourself is reading!  Books can give you insight into the most brilliant minds throughout history and present today.  Books can guide you in practices for bettering your personal, professional, spiritual and all other realms of life you choose to target.  It is as easy as being aware of an area of interest and/or need and searching out a book in that domain that attracts you.

book gifts

Reading is a daily action item for me and something which has transformed my life.  My goal is 10 pages a day.  Sometimes I miss this goal and other times I blow it out of the water.  My paradigms have shifted numerous times as I continue to learn beyond my scope of previous understanding and perception.  Keeping an open mind is paramount when reading into uncharted territory, learning in areas that are contradictory to old beliefs and expanding your conscience horizons.  With every book the rabbit hole goes deeper and I am reminded of how vast and infinite the availability of knowledge spans.

rabbit hole

I took two pictures of all the books I have read from the first 2 quarters of this year and for some reason I was unable to load them.  I have posted them to my twitter @nykinyk / instagram @_nykinyk / Facebook Nyki Helmcamp if you are curious to see this years rolling collection.

Bottom line—>Relentlessly invest in yourself and as you do take action on the learned principles as fast as possible to implement positive change in your life!


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