Goal Setting / Nutrition / Training / Transformation

Roots of Movement

No matter the latest myriad of fads and innovative training gadgets, modalities and designs, always remember everything you need to create the health, fitness and aesthetics you desire are already within you.

There is nothing wrong with choosing whatever form of training you feel suits you best. I am a proponent of being active and movement in all domains. While you explore and experiment keep a constant conscientiousness of the foundation of it all…the human body.

The human body alone is far capable of reaching advancements in the realms of power, strength, stability, flexibility, mobility, stamina and the likes beyond our comprehension. Using the human body as your sole tool also expands your mind and imagination through creation and flow of movement.

Thank you Ido Portal for demonstrating this to us in such a masterful way and thank you Teo Ledesma for sharing this with me. It is truly an inspiration and an ideology I view as a guidepost when looking towards the future of training and fitness.


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