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There is a group of women I come into contact with at 9:15am every morning at Crossfit Central on Burnet Road.  These women show up consistently with a willingness to get after whatever is written on the whiteboard for the day.

Physically, they are strong and working to get stronger.  They are fit and working to improve their fitness.  They are capable of handling more than your average woman and yet they are committed to pushing their limits.

Mentally, they are open to exploring new movements and wandering into uncharted territory.  They are aware of each other and cheer their fellow ladies to success.  They see the workout ahead of them and plan their attack.

Emotionally, they have developed a support system of encouragement and accountability.  They have expanded the meaning and importance of their workout.  Where at one time, showing up and going through the motions would suffice…no more is that accepted.  Now, the 9:15am hour is an hour of empowerment and achievement to be built upon the rest of the day!

Spiritually, our bond grows with every rep and I am forever grateful for every woman currently enrolled as well as those from classes past.  My aim is to show up for them everyday, be present and provide them with growth in whatever form it takes that day.

Taking care of your health and fitness is never just about the physical, it is never one dimensional as it impacts every single facet of your life.  Sharing class with these women has impacted every facet of my life.

They are known as THE BRICKHOUSES and their moto for this year is “Why stop at RX?”  It’s perfect.  No matter if you are in the box, with family or working a passion stopping at “RX” or a preconceived self-limit is not an option.  We all have life quotas and/or notions of our capabilities for which we take as written code at times.  Challenge yourself to bust through them.  Challenge yourself to PLAY more, celebrate every triumph and find a powerful group like this one to take the journey with you!



*Not all of THE BRICKHOUSES are present here and still this is a quality representation 🙂


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